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Abberline's Repository

Diese einzigartige und wunderschöne Sance-Zusammenstellung von Lebanon Circle Magic bietet alles was man für eine bizarre und unheimliche "Jack the Ripper Sance" benötigt. Die komplette Ausstattung wird mit einer umfangreichen DVD in Englischer Sprache geliefert. 

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Aberline‘s Repository





Lebanon Circle proudly presents the darkest compendium of Jack the Ripper based magic ever to be released. Take your audience on a journey through the smog smothered streets of Victorian London as you attempt to bridge the ethereal chasm that separates us from the realm of the dead.

Abberline’s Repository contains everything you need to create an entire evening performance of Victorian vileness. This unparalleled collection explores your audience’s psychic ability, past life regression and culminating in a traditional Victorian sance where you will make contact with the spirit world – guaranteed.


Combining the grisly murders of 1888 and the obsession of the day, Spiritualism, this collection of effects offers the performer the information, tools and props required to mix history, illusion and sance magic into the most terrifying show ever witnessed.  All the effects included with Abberline’s Repository are self working routines where the emphasis is on the psychic ability of the audience and a group sance.


This devilish hamper of effects combines the gothic art of Dan Baines with knowledge and talent of the UK’s leading bizarre performers.  The electronics and props for each effect are conveniently contained within the Repository allowing you to perform a heart stopping 2 hour show with nothing more than this set.  As a gothic/bizarre/storytelling magic performer this is an investment and performance opportunity not to be missed.  



Background and Story:


For the people of Whitechapel the autumn of 1888 was to be the darkest and most terrifying period they had known.  Times were already hard and cruel but the antics of Saucy Jack had filled the filthy streets with a hysterical cacophony.


Abberline stood by the bed.  What lay before him, a splayed and soiled heap of mutilated flesh and bone, was once a pretty young girl. The thick tang of iron hung in the back of his throat, his nostrils filled with the putrid stench of excrement from the exposed bowels and torn intestinal tract.  Five murders in less than four months and no leads, desperate times called for desperate measures.  If this was a glimpse of what was to follow, the Ripper was taking his brutality to a new fetid level of depravity.


Tearing his eyes from the lifeless crimson abomination Inspector Abberline looked around the room for anything, knowing deep down his search would probably unveil nothing.  So savage was the Ripper’s work that blood spattered every exposed surface in the room.  The dressing table adjacent to the bed peppered with bodily matter displayed the average belongings of a working girl.  A louse ridden hair brush, grease paint to hide the pot marks and scars, a tattered doll that echoed of long forgotten childhood and innocence. Nothing stood out as unusual.  It was hard for Abberline to comprehend that every object in this room had been an inanimate soulless witness to the horrific murder of Mary Jane Kelly.  If the walls could speak, what secrets they would reveal and how easier the job of an Inspector would be.


Amongst the menagerie of tat scattered about the small room one item caught the Inspector’s eye.  Not because it was critical to the investigation but because it was an item of opulence in contrast to the rest of the flotsam and jetsam in the room.  On a small dresser at the foot of the bed was a fine rosewood box adorned with brass and an ironic ‘Tempus Fugit’ motif on the heavy lid. Abberline removed the lid to reveal two compartments, one containing cheap costume jewellery and the other a diary dated 1884. From the placement in the room, the quality of the box and the treasured contents it did not take a mastermind to surmise that this was Mary Jane’s most cherished possession.


“If Jack insists on taking his own trophies then I shall take mine” whispered Abberline under his breath.  Bundling the box in his coat he hurried from 13 Miller’s Court into the swathe of ghoulish onlookers.  This would prove to be the last Ripper murder scene he would ever visit.


The Ripper frenzy soon faded.  With many suspects but no conviction Abberline’s thoughts were forever haunted by a faceless man who would goad him from the shadows, his true identity a mystery.  When all natural avenues of investigation have been exhausted should one consider supernatural methods? Friends from the Spiritualist church had suggested Abberline should attempt to gain help from the spirit world.  Engaging with the deceased through sance seemed unorthodox in the world of criminal investigation but recalling his thoughts in Mary Jane Kelly’s room, desperate times call for desperate measures.


The jewellery box had been sitting in the bottom of his wardrobe for well over a decade. The once decadent chest now dusty and tarnished, a shadow of its former glory. Abberline had become obsessed that this box had been witness to the murder and puzzled how information could be garnered from a mere inert object.  Sance was the key.  He knew that Mary Kelly prized the box amongst all other things she owned, a spiritual connection was once there, maybe it remained trapped in the battered wood of the box. Maybe this object would be the key he needed to open the door that stood between him and the spirit of Mary Kelly.  Open the door and the secrets of the Ripper’s identity would be finally his.       




This collection direct ‘From Hell’ features:

  • Mary Jane Kelly’s jewellery box as procured by Inspector Abberline at the scene of the final Ripper murder.  This antiqued brass and wood ‘show in a box’ contains an unparalleled phantasmagoric collection of Victorian paraphernalia which includes –
  •  Dead or Alive test (designed as an expansion for From Hell but can be used for other tests) which uses real hot and cold spots to allow the spectator to locate the victim cards or an item that once belonged to the deceased
  • Ghost in the Machine II new ungimmicked version of the classic machine to communicate with the dead based on Margery’s Bell Box. (Hier wird das Bluetooth Soundsystem benötigt)
  • Full sance kit including letter cards, candle, Victorian maid’s candle holder, salts and traditional planchett
  • From Hell - the classic Lebanon Circle Version 3
  • Paul Bell’s new book ‘The Jack the Ripper Sance’ which also includes detailed instructions on all the effects included in the Repository on DVD
  • 1888 Map of Whitechapel annotated with all the canonical Ripper victim sites
  • Abberline’s Conclusion a combined version of Ripper Force and Ripper On the Blood where the audience use their psychic ability to fathom the identity of Jack the Ripper and a possible accomplice. The audience’s selection will exactly match the suspects in a diary extract Abberline wrote over a hundred years ago.     
  • An ensemble of replica documents from the Ripper case including police notes, Ripper letters, postcards and newspapers.
  •  All of the components and electronic wizardry that makes this all  possible!



Dead or Alive Test:


The Dead or Alive Test was designed as an add-on for From Hell but it can be used in any number of ways to enable a spectator to locate an item once owned by the deceased using their psychic ability.


The premise is simple, the victim card stack and non-victim card stack are placed into separate compartments inside the box and the lid is replaced.  The spectator has no idea which compartment contains which stack.  You ask them to associate death with cold and life with heat and then ask them to place their hands on the lid of the box.  You then ask them to decide which side of the box contains the victim cards by associating death with coldness.  They wait a few seconds and by what appears to be psychic ability they correctly locate the victim cards.  The test can be performed again and the cold spot can be made to appear on the same side or the other side, the choice is yours and you have total control at all times.


This completely self working effect incorporates cutting edge technology and a fool proof working mechanism.


If you use this with From Hell you have the option of –


1.   Before you reveal that they have successfully sorted the cards into victim and non-victim stacks you can then place the stacks inside the box and then get them to find their victim stack using the association method discussed previously.


2.    Once you have shown the spectator they have miraculously sorted the cards   into victim and non-victim stacks you then go straight into the Dead or Alive routine as another experiment  to confirm their new found psychic ability.


It can also be used to rapidly cool metal objects such as rings once owned by the deceased during a sance.  When compared with a control object it will be ice cold.




Sance Kit:


The Abberline’s Repository DVD shows you the preparation and method behind all of the effects plus it contains Paul Voodini’s excellent  Jack the Ripper Sance in pdf format.  


These effects can be interwoven with Paul’s sance script to provide you with a show where the fine line between what is real and what is not becomes a blur.


To compliment Paul’s book the Repository comes with a full sance kit including -


  • Aged Alphabet cards
  • Wooden Planchett
  • Victorian candle holder
  • Scented black candle
  • Crystal Pendulum
  • and Purifying Salt to ward off evil just in case Jack makes an appearance….

The planchett is PK gimmicked with a powerful magnet should the ideomotor effect of your audience fail to get it moving.  I can also supply you with an ungimmicked version should you prefer.  The brass candle holder also conveniently unscrews into two sections for easy storage within the Repository.




Ghost in the Machine II: (Hier wird das Bluetooth Soundsystem benötigt, das nicht mitgeliefert wird)


No sance would be complete with a machine to communicate with the dead.


In 2006 I released Ghost in the Machine, the first in a long line of spirit communication devices that are now available on the market.  The original Ghost in the Machine went out of production in 2007 and as a result quickly became a much sought after collectors item exchanging hands at auctions for up to £1000.


The performance concept for Ghost in the Machine II is the same as its predecessor but the mechanics are drastically different.  No magnets, gimmicks or suspicious batteries, this version is completely clean.

Based on the infamous Margery’s Bell Box the ungimmicked bell is placed inside the Repository in full view of the audience and will ring in response to questions during the sance.  Houdini’s prototype of Margery’s Bell Box now resides in the magic collection of Ken Klosterman. Although aesthetically similar to the original bell, Ghost in the Machine 2 uses a completely new method of operation that is virtually self working and requires little intervention from the performer.      

This effect alone justifies the price of Abberline’s Repository and will leave your audience believing without any doubt that contact with the spirit world was established.




 The Jack the Ripper Seance:


Paul Voodini presents the world famous Jack the Ripper Sance! This detailed manuscript provides the mystery performer with all the information required to stage a frighteningly good evening of murderous sance theatre, exactly as the Great Voodini has been presenting to the paying public in London's famous Covent Garden theatreland!


With the express intention of spirit communication with Jack the Ripper and his unfortunate victims, your guests will be taken on a heart-stopping journey through the fog shrouded streets of Victorian Spiritualism, Mesmerism and Sance! And the best thing about this night of sance and paranormal entertainment? There are no gimmicks involved at all! Voodini's sances are famous for utilising only the power of your guests' imagination - and this manuscript details exactly how to get your guests so excited that once the lights are turned off they will experience exactly what you want them to experience!


The Jack the Ripper Sance does incorporate some ideas from Voodini's previous book "The Paranormal Entertainer", but the vast bulk of this book is brilliantly conceived new material with the incorporated ideas taken to new heights. This new publication will excite and inspire mystery performers looking for new ways to both involve and terrify their audience!


Alongside the full details and script for the evening of sance and paranormal entertainment, the book also includes all the background material on Jack the Ripper, his heinous crimes, and his unfortunate victims that you will need to appear a knowledgeable "Ripperologist" and master of the occult arts!




Abberline‘s Conclusion:


This combination of two great self working routines uses audience participation to determine the real identity of Jack the Ripper.  The Ripper’s identity after being deduced through several audience tasks also matches a extract torn from Abberline’s diary entry where he reveals who he suspected was Jack the Ripper.


Your first step on the journey to identify Jack is the Ripper Force -


Five volunteers, preferably female, are asked to wander the streets of Whitechapel in search of a lodging house for the evening.  They are each given a Victorian penny to pay for their bed; little do they know that their fate is already sealed.  Ripper Force comes complete with -  


  • 12 aged map tiles of Whitechapel that form a force grid 
  • 5 genuine Victorian pennies 
  • 12 Met Police photo of known criminals who operated in the Whitechapel area, one of which could possibly be Jack’s accomplice? 
  • An antique key that contains Abberline’s diary extract concealed in the barrel


Finally your audience plays the part of the Met Police on the 12th November 1888, the day of a mass raid on the homes of the seven top Ripper suspects. However, one will always escape the long arm of the law and that person is Jack…


The final part to your quest for the identity of Jack the Ripper includes -


  • 7 Ripper suspect photos 
  • 7 mouldy envelopes


All components are tied with ribbon and stored in the Repository.




Supporting Documents:


Finally you also get a plethora of aged Ripper documents ranging from police notes, newspaper articles printed on real newspaper, postcards and reproductions of the Ripper letters.  These are not aged laser print copies of Internet images but reproductions of the actual documents that represent the best selection of Ripper documentation available to date.




What is in the box:


Procured by Inspector Abberline at the scene of the last Ripper murder this receptacle of mysteries was once Mary Jane Kelly’s jewelry box. Built from solid wood and brass, with a plate brass lid with ‘Tempus Fugit’ motif this casket contains a heart stopping selection of effects directly from hell. The interior of the box is divided into 2 compartments which contains everything you need to perform a 2 hour grisly exploration into Victorian London. Cunningly concealed inside the lid is an annotated map of Whitechapel from 1888 showing all of the Ripper murder locations with dates and names. A brass stand is also provided for the lid so that it can be displayed alongside the contents of the box to aid as a visual accompaniment to your tales of murder and sleaze. Also comes with a free gift and 10% discount off the new Lebanon Circle Inner Circle Range which includes Swami Spirit Altar II and Dolly Dark & the Theatre of Souls!





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