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Krampusnacht VI - Elfen Munzen

Ausreichende Stückzahl. Lieferzeit 2-5 WerktageAusreichende Stückzahl. Lieferzeit 2-5 Werktage **

Demons make notoriously untrustworthy employees, something St Nicholas wished he'd known before he started a business partnership with The Krampus...

Lebanon Circle presents the latest limited edition release in the Krampusnact series - Elfen Munzen (Elf Coins). This set of twelve metal coins will enable you to perform real festive magic with one of the strongest impromptu coin tricks ever witnessed. Originally pitched to me at Doomsday 2022 by artist Mark Thorold, I instantly fell for this simple yet mystifying example of coin magic. I decided on the spot that this was a worthy addition to the Krampusnacht family.

This fistful of festive metal that feels like real magic is entirely self-working and can be instantly reset and even performed blindfolded. 

The Effect

The spectator plays the part of The Krampus and the performer St Nicholas. You explain that no matter how hard the Krampus tries to cheat, St Nicholas will always know how many children he must punish on Krampusnacht, even if the Krampus sneakily adds a few extra! The magic Elf coins will demonstrate that regardless of how deceptive the Krampus thinks he is, St Nicholas will keep track of his every move!

Twelve Elf coins are placed on the table; some are St Nicholas side up, and some are Krampus side up. The spectator then mixes the coins by sliding them around on the table's surface.

Once the coins are mixed to the spectator's satisfaction, they are asked to select six randomly and stack them on top of each other. You then take the remaining six coins and do the same.

You then claim that the six Elf coins the Krampus holds will match the six St Nicholas holds. You divide your piles into Krampus and St Nicholas, which match precisely.

You then demonstrate this festive mystery once more to prove that the Elf coins can't be cheated. The coins are remixed, and the Krampus takes six at random.

You then ask the spectator to flip one of the St Nicholas Elf coins to its Krampus side.

Again, both piles are inspected, and they match exactly.

For a third and final demonstration, the Elf coins are remixed and placed under a cloth (this can be a scarf or a tablecloth). You both simultaneously place your hands underneath, selecting six coins entirely out of sight and stacking them as before.

The cloth is removed to see that, once again, both piles of Elf coins match!

Remember -

  • All twelve coins are double-sided and can be inspected
  • Instantly reset
  • Self-working and requires no skill
  • Totally impromptu

Each set contains -

  • Twelve extra large (45mm) solid brass coins, each etched with St Nicholas and The Krampus, available in an aged finish
  • An aged cloth bag
  • Aged box with embossed leather label
  • Printed instructions

Please note that due to the way the coins are aged, they will all slightly differ in patina and colour.


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