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Krampusnacht V - Das Spiel

Ausreichende Stückzahl. Lieferzeit 2-5 WerktageAusreichende Stückzahl. Lieferzeit 2-5 Werktage **

The Rookwood House Reformatory School for Juvenile Delinquents was home to London's most notorious criminal orphans.

The policeman's fist banged on the orphanage door with such force an icicle fell from the eves and landed in the snow like a spear. The heavy oak door opened, and in the warm candlelit hallway stood the Matron, solemn and dressed in black.

"What brings you to Rookwood this Christmas Eve, Inspector?"

"Apologies, Ma'am, but there's been a spot of bother in town, and we've reason to believe the little culprit lives here."

"You'd best come in out of the cold, Inspector, and I will call down the children".

The Inspector and his Constable stepped into the hall; the warmth gave them some welcome respite from the biting cold of the London streets. At the bottom of the stairs stood a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and the smell of hot broth wafted down the hall from the kitchen.

Moments later, the Matron had all fifteen orphans lined up, ready to be questioned.

"Right you 'orrible little lot, one of you toerags is guilty".

Lebanon Circle Magic is proud to present the fifth release in the legendary Krampusnacht series. In this frightfully festive game of mystery and deduction, the Police must compete against the Krampus to find the wrongdoer of a heinous crime committed on Christmas Eve.

You play the role of two disgruntled police officers called to investigate a terrible crime that has been committed. As a team, the Inspector and Constable must find the correct orphan, interview him and obtain a confession to the crime. Unfortunately for you, the Krampus has also singled out the naughtiest orphan, and he plans to snatch him before you do.

Krampusnacht V uses three devilishly easy magic techniques cunningly intertwined with a story that is played out as a game between you and your audience. The methods are simple and require no skills or sleights, giving you a 'magic on rails' experience that can be performed for an audience of any size and age. With no electronics or movings parts, this is classic story-telling magic at its very best.  Just concentrate on telling a good story, and the magic will take care of itself.

The entire routine is laid out on twelve cards that take you and your audience through the story and each of the three games in a fully interactive investigation. Will you beat the Krampus? Probably not, but you'll have fun trying, and the epic reveal at the end of the performance will have your audience scratching their heads well into the New Year.

You will receive -

  • A 20" (50cm) hand crafted folk-art style Krampus doll with display stand
  • 15 aged orphan photographs
  • 12 aged game cards
  • A matchbox, marble, pebble and string (the contents of a Victorian Orphan's pockets)
  • 2 pairs of real bone dice
  • All the magical bits that make the story happen
  • A language kit - PSD and text files so you can adapt Krampusnacht V to your native language and print your own cards
  • Manual (provided as digital download)
  • Video tutorial
  • Certificate of Authenticity

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