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ESPoe Karten Poker Size

Das Komplett Set ESPoe Cards  in Poker Größe und Rückseitenmarkierung

Die Anleitungen erhalten Sie als PDF Download in englischer Sprache.

Hier die Beschreibungen im Original:


Share the Mind of Murder with Edgar Allan Poe

from Parlour Ghost & E.R. Perkins 

"I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him."

The Tell-Tale Heart

ESPoe is a bizarre remix of the Zener/Rhine extrasensory perception cards with the mystery performer in mind. The symbols have been transmuted into classic, high-contrast representations of the major motifs in Poe's work. With these cards, any of your favorite ESP effects and routines can be reborn as gothic fables of mystery and imagination, or as guides as you explore the mind of the master himself. ESPoe is a utility deck and a dark storytelling tool, tipped in your favor.

These twenty-five bold and familiar notions from the stories of Edgar Allan Poe are subtly marked and accompanied by eleven special effect cards, for use in sleights or in your favorite switch device. These are elegant and mischievous decks printed on borderless 310gsm linen card stock and include their own custom tuck box and hand-crafted black linen shroud. 
ESPoe is candy-coated trip through the haunted palace. Take your audience into the crypt below the House of Usher, into the mind of mad, morose Edgar, or share a buried memory of murder.

Know the Cards. Tell the Tale.

ESPoe is a 36 card deck:

  • 5 each of 5 gothic symbols
  • 11 special effect cards (double-back, blank, Poe's signature, spirit frames, Tell-Tale Heart, Haunted Poe, etc)


Some Thoughts about ESP Cards

"I found him well educated, with unusual powers of mind, but infected with misanthropy, and subject to perverse moods of alternate enthusiasm and melancholy." - The Gold Bug

A deck of ESP cards can be a powerful tool for a mentalist or mystery performer. They're at once familiar, but they're strange too. Most people have only seen them in movies. They're outside the standard fifty-two card vocabulary and as such they conjure very different associations, stories of mind reading, parapsychology, and psychic examination.

Five each of five symbols that can be stacked, cycled, read and revealed to elicit wonders. There are some astounding ESP card routines by Sam Dalal, Nick Trost, Aldo Colmbini, Max Maven and countless others. These mind reading tests and effects are boundless. Perhaps you know a few.

What if we want to tell a different story?

Perhaps the stories we want to explore are rooted in gothic literature, the motifs of horror, or the very mind of one of it's foremost authors? Maybe our shows creep in dusty sepulchers, rather than the clinical test conditions of the psych dept?

Let's change the symbols.

Five symbols. Five bold and familiar notions from the mind of Edgar Allan Poe. What if those are the images that make up the deck? Think about the stories we can tell now.

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