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Ghosts of America
Based on the hugely successful ‘A Book at Midnight’ series, Lebanon Circle proudly presents ‘Ghosts of America’.  This new edition creates a whole new level of eerie coincidences that can only be perceived as a genuine supernatural occurrence.

Some hauntings are so strong they have the ability to breach space and time...

In the same way a Ouija Board can seemingly channel spirits thousands of miles away from where their corporeal form met their demise, tonight we will conduct an experiment to see if we can bring one of these most famous hauntings to us.  Twenty four cards each depicting one of America's best documented paranormal events will be used in this study.  However, unlike traditional forms of spirit contact, we won't wait for the spirit to come for us, we will venture into the realm beyond the veil and look for 'it'   

This is a paranormal experiment that was originally conducted by the American Society for Psychical Research back in the 1970s and from what little information I can find, I believe it worked. Members of the research team were induced into a semi hypnotic state and sent into the spiritual dimension.  While there, they would locate a spirit, normally anchored to a specific location and bring it back to the research facility.  It was the first and possibly only scientific experiment conducted into 'remote' ghost hunting.  For an undisclosed reason, the project was shut down and the files were archived in the society's basement never to be seen again.  

Did something go wrong?  What did they bring back from the spirit world?  Tonight we will try and rediscover the mysteries of that experiment.  

Three members of your audience will be required to take part in this paranormal experiment.  

Not only will two of the spectators select the same haunting from the spirit realm, the third spectator will have already predicted which of the hauntings they will choose in advance.

The two volunteers are placed into a semi hypnotic state while a third volunteer, known as the 'control', merely uses conscious intuition.  By combining theses two methods they try and locate a spirit from one of the 24 hauntings depicted on the cards.  What will they bring back?

Terrifying, perplexing and utterly convincing, Ghosts of America is the ultimate addition to any show.  With it's 'pick up and perform' aspect, self working mechanics and high quality props can you afford not to have Ghosts of America as part of your performance?  

An ideal climax to a ghost hunt or ghost walk event and a perfect starting point in which a base a show about ghosts and the paranormal.


  • Nothing is gimmicked and everything can be clearly shown at all times
  • The effect is adaptable to either a major story-telling feature for stage or as a shorter routine for table-to-table work
  • The three volunteers freely make all the decisions throughout and neither utters a word during the whole effect
  • There is NO stacked deck, memory work, equivoque or fishing
  • If either of the volunteers accidentally drop their cards (or even if the performer does) the effect can still be achieved
  • The method requires no technical skill or mental dexterity and can even be performed blindfolded if required

Ghosts of America includes -

  • A deck of 26 aged cards featuring America's most famous ghosts
  • Over 90 minutes of video tutorials containing performance material and full instructions
  • An 11 page performance script
  • A Bibliomancy Divination device: Octavius Rookwood's Bibliomancy Card in classic designs
  • Both the deck and divination device come in individually aged and embossed presentation boxes


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