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Krampusnacht III - Der Krompass

It’s almost midnight.  Enough time for one more story.  One more story before twelve,  just to keep us warm.  In five minutes, it’ll be Christmas Eve and if you've been good you have nothing to fear, but if you've been bad then this may be the last Christmas Eve you ever see...

Lebanon Circle Magic is proud to present the third release in the Krampusnacht series – Der Krompass.  Based on Tony Lackner's 'The Hand of Cleopatra', this fearfully festive twist on the cult classic is sure to become the focal point for your Christmas performance.  Perfect for adding a dark cautionary tale to any winter party or show, children and adults alike will never forget the chilling tale of the Krampus. This festive frightener is ideal for Christmas party walk-around, holiday themed shows or simply for gathering around the fire and telling Christmas ghost stories on dark winter nights.

Tempted?  Watch the following unboxing video then read on...

Introducing the Naughty or Nice Tree...

At first glance, this small innocent decoration looks no different to any other you might find in a festive vintage store, but turn it around and you will be shocked to discover the darker side of Christmas.  As you turn the decoration in your hand, the snow covered fir, bejewelled with baubles and the glowing portrait of Father Christmas is replaced with flames that dance with the skulls of the damned and the grinning face of The Krampus. 

This terrifying decoration, based on a central European tradition would be placed on a shelf and turned according to the child's behaviour in the run up to Christmas.  The ornament would naturally be placed with the 'nice' side in view however, if the child was badly behaved they would come downstairs in the morning to discover that the ornament had rotated to the 'naughty' side.  The only way to make the tree rotate back to the 'nice' side would be good behaviour before the sun sets otherwise it would stay in the naughty position for another day.  If the tree is still displaying the naughty side on Christmas Eve, the child must prepare to be whipped, chained and dragged to hell in a wicker basket. So be good for goodness sake.

Each Christmas Tree ornament is crafted from turned wood which has been hand decorated, painted and aged.

The Krampus Horn

Deep in the forest bordering Austria and Bavaria there lived a hunter with seven children, two horses, three goats and his wife.  Of the seven children one child named Max was particularly naughty and no punishment would deter Max from behaving badly.  He would repent for a day or two and then revert back to his mischievous ways but increasingly worse than before.  During a summer of terror, he had tied the horse's tails together, set the neighbours orchard ablaze and slit all of the grain bags at the village mill. Then, as winter came and the days grew shorter Max could not play outside and boredom set in.  His pranks within the home became worse and his family were at a loss at what to do with him.

Max hadn't always been terrible. He was once a content and well behaved child, but then something changed. His younger brother Lukas was born and Max was no longer the apple of his mother's eye and so to seek attention he slowly transformed into the most vindictive child imaginable. This cry for attention had the opposite effect and his mother started to ignore him.  His older brothers and sisters also wanted nothing to do with the little monster he had become. Even the villagers would avoid Max in fear that they would fall victim to one of his terrible pranks.

The one person who felt pity for the child was his own father, the hunter.   But as Christmas approached he feared that his son's bad behaviour would almost certainly attract the attention of The Krampus.  If he could just protect his son throughout Krampusnacht he knew in his heart that Max could change his mischievous ways.  He armed himself with a sword and kept watch by Max's bed, waiting for midnight to arrive.

It could have been the extra helping of stew the hunter ate for supper or the warmth of the fire or even the hypnotic flicker of candle flame that made his eyes heavier and heavier.  Try as he might, the hunter fought to stay awake but the struggle was hopeless.  Just before midnight, his grip relaxed from the hilt of his sword and he fell into a deep slumber, his head fell, sharing the pillow with Max.

Midnight came.

Clip, clop, clip clop.

The sound of heavy hooves walking slowly across the room did not wake the hunter.

Nor did the rattle of chains dragging across the wooden floor.

Or the deep grunt and smell of acrid breath.

And the rustle of a sack being slowly opened did not wake him either.


Only the terrifying scream of Max could wake him from his deep sleep.
What stood before him struck fear into the heart of the once valiant hunter.  The shambling behemoth, muscular and as black as night turned, snarled at him and raced for the door.  The hunter reached for his sword and swung at the Krampus, but the beast was lightning fast and parried the attack.  Max struggled inside the sack, screaming for his father's help but it was no use, the hunter had never faced such a monstrous foe, greater than any bear or wolf, the Krampus seem invincible.  He stabbed, sliced and thrust his sword at the huge creature but the attempts to rescue his son were futile.  In a final rage the hunter threw himself across the room and directed a powerful swing of his sword at the Krampus' head.  With unnatural speed and agility the demon ducked but not before the hunter's razor sharp sword sliced off the very tip of the Krampus' black horn.  With a deep thunderous roar and eyes red as hot coals,  the Krampus back-handed the hunter across the face, throwing him the length the room and landing unconscious in a shower of broken wood that was once Max's bed.

The hunter lay still, exhausted and defeated as the Krampus let out one final almighty roar and vanished into the cold Christmas night, Max slung on his back, no longer struggling, silent, the sack wet with tears.
Max was never seen again.  

In the search for the young boy, the villagers found nothing but a track of large hoof prints that led deeper into the dark forest that suddenly stopped, as if the creature had just vanished.

The following day, as the hunter and his family cleared the room that was the scene of the battle with the Krampus, something amongst the torn bedding and splinters of wood caught his eye.  It looked like a small twisted spear of polished obsidian.  As he picked it up he recalled his swing of rage that had clipped the Krampus' horn.  Gripping the fragment of horn in his bruised fists he sobbed, realising that nothing could have saved Max from the Krampus.   

The Krampus horn was kept in a box and passed down through the family as a reminder to be good and not to follow in Max's footsteps. It also had a strange power, as if it was imbued with the Krampus' dark ability to seek out the bad amongst the good, the guilty from the innocent and the evil from the virtuous.   

Do you know someone bad?  Someone who has lied, bullied and tricked their way through the year?  Christmas is getting close and the Krampus is making his naughty list.  Would you like to see if the person you are thinking of is on it?   
Let me demonstrate...

Effect Synopsis

  • Six Christmas gift tags are handed out and a spectator is asked to write the name of someone they know who is bad (this can be someone they personally know or an evil figure from history such as Hitler or a famous serial killer)
  • The tags are then mixed face down so that nobody knows which tag contains the bad name
  • The six tags are placed around the base of the decoration
  • The spectator then removes the Krampus horn from the box and balances it on top of the Naughty or Nice Christmas decoration
  • The spectator then spins the horn and as it spins it slowly comes to a stop and points to a particular tag
  • The tag is turned over to reveal the name of the bad person!


  • You control where the Krampus Horn points  –  it can be different each spin
  • The spectator places and spins the Horn themselves without any interaction from the magician
  • Completely self working and requires no skill to perform, just your ability to tell a great story!
  • Any Christmas gift tags can be used

What you will receive

  • The Naughty or Nice Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Aged presentation box
  • 12 Christmas Tags
  • The severed tip of the Krampus Horn
  • Written instructions and access to a video tutorial
  • Antique style wooden Krampus box

IMPORTANT Please Read: Krampusnacht III is limited to an initial run of 80 copies. 









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